Community Assessments and Demographic Studies for Head Start programs

Early Childhood Analytics believes in making data more accessible to Head Start programs. In my 6 years of experience working with Head Start programs, I have found that analysis and planning around demographic and economic data has been an ongoing strain on a program’s resources. As a result I have developed a targeted, simple, efficient and standardized way to gather and present demographic data from a wide range of publicly available sources. Our reports tell Head Start programs exactly what they need to know:

  • How many age eligible children are in the service area?
  • What is the capacity to serve these children including Head Start and state funded pre-kindergarten programs?
  • Where are these children found in relationship to center location?
  • What is the poverty rate for families? What is the trend for that poverty rate over time?
  • How does this data match up with the program’s own internal data? How can it be used for planning purposes?

During my time working with Head Start, I have focused primarily on programs facing enrollment challenges. The data and analysis I have provided has informed decisions made at all levels of Head Start, from the center level on up to the Office of Head Start. My reports have resulted in recommendations and changes to service area boundaries, placement of centers, program option offerings, and collaborative agreements with other Head Start programs and state funded pre-kindergarten programs.

Some of the programs I have worked with:

Please feel free to contact me. Early Childrhood Analytics’ services are available to all Head Start, Early Head Start and Migrant/Seasonal Head Start programs in the country. Send us an inquiry along with a description of your service area or grant number and we will provide you with a free 2010-2012 demograpchi report broken down by Zip Code.

Vincent Rinehart

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