I recently had the privilege of working with an AI/AN Program on completion of their 5-year non competitive grant application. In organizing the grant writing process I followed an outline and instructions provided by a grants specialist from the Office of Head Start. The grants specialist presented at the 2015 NIHSDA Region XI Conference in Sacramento, California. Here is the outline of his presentation. It includes the instructions for the application along with further guidance and explanation from OHS.

I have adapted his presentation to a grant application template with a hyper-linked table of contents and full OHS instructions and guidance for each section included in embedded comments. The template is in Google Docs, and may be copied and used to complete your program’s 5-Year grant application.

In the template you will find all major sections of the grant application narrative (excluding the Budget section, which will be added later), sub-sections, questions, and sub-questions; all of the required topics you must cover in your 5-Year grant.

Grant Outline Screenshot

All topics within the grant application are hyper linked as sections in the table of contents in 5 heading levels (4 heading levels are shown in the above screenshot.) Further OHS instructions are in [brackets] and further explanations of each section are in comments linked to the highlighted text [What are you looking for?] All explanations, instructions, and comments are pulled from the aforementioned 5-Year grant presentation given at the 2015 NIHSDA Conference.

To use the template you can either:

  1. Click on “File” and “Make a Copy”. This allows you to make an exact duplicate of the document in Google Docs. Using the outline in Google Docs stores the file in Google Drive, and sharing settings can be altered to keep the document private, or share it with others to view, comment or collaborate on your 5-Year Grant application. This method is recommended if you are comfortable with using and collaborating on Google Docs.
  2. Click on “File” and “Download as”. This allows you to download the document as a Microsoft Word document (or other format) to store locally on your computer’s hard drive. Due to compatibility issues this may alter the layout of the outline. It also may make it difficult to update the Table of Contents automatically as this is a feature built into Google Docs with a third party application. This method is recommended if you are uncomfortable with collaborating on Google Docs and would like to work in a local copy of your grant application instead of one that is stored online.

If you have questions, comments, or are in need of assistance in completing your 5-Year Grant Application you can contact me.

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