Making data accessible

Community Assessments are easy. They are even easier with consistent, intuitive, annual updates.

How does it work?

Much of the data needed for a Community Assessment is standard from one year to the next. The data itself changes every year, but the data sources remain the same. I automate much of the process of gathering Census and Program Information Report data, and these two data sources alone are often enough to produce an annual update for a Community Assessment.

The rest of the Community Assessment can be completed by following a well process, some of which is highlighted below.

Community Assessment Requirement What your program does What I do for you
Demographic and Economic data Your program defines your service area I gather city and county level data for your service area, and compare it to state and national trends
Family Needs Your program decides what other Head Start/Early Head Start programs are most comparable to yours I gather state and nationwide Program Information Report data and compare it to needs data in your PIR that you have already gathered
Family Needs, Community Strengths and work/training schedule Together we develop and conduct a survey of parents, Head Start staff and community partners

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